There are many factors that go into making sure your final wedding gallery turns out exactly how you have envisioned it. You have invested thousands of dollars into your photographer, but did you know that there are ways to make your wedding photos even more beautiful? I recently began a series on Instagram where every month or so I provide wedding planning tips for couples. I thought it would be a great idea to take those tips and provide an even more in-depth article on how to get the best wedding day photos.

The space you get ready in on your wedding day is crucial to receiving beautiful photos.

The space you get ready in is more important than you think. Hear me out. No one, especially you, the bride or groom want to see empty cans, pink makeup bags, and dirty clothes lying around in your wedding photos right? Trust me when I say, the cleaner your getting ready area the better your photos will turn out. While helping my couples plan their wedding, I send over helpful emails including one similar to this explaining the importance of a clean, bright getting ready room for both partners. Tidiness will amplify your images allowing you to focus on the moments captured rather than a messy room.

Prior to your wedding day, designate a couple of wedding party members to help tidy up your space before the photographer and videographer arrive.

Trust me, I get it during the rush of the day, it’s easy for your room to get a little cluttered, not a problem! Simply designate a few members of your wedding party to help tidy up before your photographers and videographers arrive. This will save time and make your wedding photos look BOMB. You paid thousands for your memories to be captured, and this small detail is crucial.

When I got married back in July of 2020 at my house, I designated one room as the “getting ready room” or in other words the room for getting ready photos. I didn’t allow anyone to put their bags, in there and made sure that it was perfectly clean before my photographer and videographer arrived. My space had tons of windows allowing ample natural light into the room so that my photographer and videographer had the easiest time capturing the getting ready process. Focus on the four areas that I have listed below to guarantee that your getting ready photos turn out beautiful.

1. Natural Light

Choose a space with lots of windows and natural lights. More than likely your photographer will take photos of you near the windows. Natural light is so much more flattering than flash and allows for some creativity! Natural light naturally enhances a human’s features, and with the right photographer will make you look amazing. Trust me your photographer will thank you if you have lots of natural light in your room.

mother of bride zipping up brides wedding dress
Kayla Bouren Photography

2. Space

Make sure your space is big enough for you, your wedding party, your hair and make-up artists, your photographer, videographer, and whoever else you plan on having in your space. More space is a good thing! Trust me a standard Holiday Inn room is not big enough. The more people in a small space the more chaotic it’s going to feel and no one wants to feel stressed on their wedding day!

bridal party seeing the bride in her dress
Kayla Bouren Photography

3. Personal Touch

Choose a space that’s unique or meaningful to you! If you aren’t necessarily loving your venues getting ready room, or don’t want to choose a generic hotel room, look for a boutique hotel, Airbnb, or even get ready at your home! I encourage making your wedding day as personal as you want and that includes the space that you choose to get ready for your wedding day.

bride and groom holding hands facing each other
Kayla Bouren Photography

4. Keep your Space Tidy

Above all else, keep your space tidy. When you get up, gather your essentials, make your bed, and get ready for the day. I can promise you that if you work with me and the room is not clean when I arrive, I will ask some of your wedding party members to help clean the room before getting ready photos are taken. Designate a couple wedding party members to take care of cleaning, so that you, the bride or groom can focus on getting ready for the day and having fun.

Kayla Bouren Photography

I want you to have the best images possible, so when I arrive for getting ready photos, if I see a few items out of place I will be sure to speak up and ask someone to move them for me, or if it’s a quick move, I’ll do it myself. Trust me I won’t just leave you high and dry and expect you to know if something is going to be in my shot! I don’t operate like that! It’s important to me that your images reflect your day and the money spent celebrating you. You matter and your memories matter. Enjoy your day, and remember to delegate. It’s your day, you should be lounging and drinking a mimosa not working boo!

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