Embark on a Self-Love Journey Through Boudoir

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Choose yourself as we celebrate every curve, freckle, and every essence of your being in a judgment-free zone. 

Your journey toward self-love and acceptance begins here. 


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A Boudoir Session Is right For You If

  1. Seeking a personalized upscale photography experience

  2. Ready to embrace and celebrate your individuality

  3. Looking for a photographer who creates a comfortable and empowering environment
  1. You want a Photographer who values open communication and responsiveness throughout the entire process.

  2. You're seeking breathtaking photos and the freedom to savor every moment of your day.

  3. You desire a stress-free experience, knowing every detail is expertly taken care of. 
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The album from your session can serve as a personal gift for your groom, offering a surprise that's both enjoyable and memorable. This addition not only provides you with a space to celebrate yourself but also creates a special moment of connection between you and your groom.

It's a chance for you to take a break from wedding planning and have some fun.

Adding a boudoir session to your wedding package is a unique opportunity for self-expression and a thoughtful gift for your groom.

You are beautiful and that's worth celebrating

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sessions starting at $850

  1. A serene, empowering studio atmosphere ensures utmost comfort and confidence.

  2. A privacy clause within your contract, granting you full control over the sharing of your images.

  3. Expertly edited portraits that accentuate your authentic beauty.

  4. A comprehensive session preparation guide, providing clarity on what to anticipate.

  5. An exclusive online gallery for easy viewing and selection.

  6. A personalized session reveal, tailored to your preference, either in-person or virtually.

what's included


Book Your Boudoir Experience


If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to do a boudoir shoot, especially because it’s out of your comfort zone, you should absolutely trust Kayla - she’s incredible. Kayla made the entire experience very positive and comfortable, and she’s so encouraging, I seriously felt so good about myself when I left my shoot. She really takes into account your wants and needs throughout the shoot and works to try and give you the gallery you want. I highly recommend Kayla to anyone looking for a photographer.

"i seriously felt so good about myself when i left."


I was actually a little nervous about how these pictures would hurt my mental health even more if I didn't like what I saw, but these pictures, even with all of my imperfections... I've never felt more beautiful. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable in the moment and now.

"even with all of my imperfections i've never felt more beautiful."


This was my first time doing a boudoir session and Kayla made me feel so comfortable and empowered from the moment I was contemplating signing up! She sent out a preparation guide in advance that provided tips on outfits and hygiene which I found extremely helpful. During the shoot, things ran smoothly and Kayla made me feel confident. The pictures turned out way better than I could have imagined; her work is truly amazing!

"the pictures turned out way better than i could've imagined!"