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5 Tips to Prepare for your Engagement Session

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  1. Sydney says:

    These are such great tips for engagement sessions! Especially tip 4! Weather is never as you imagined it to be!

  2. Alex says:

    This such a helpful guide for engagement sessions!! I especially love the tips about the weather and tailoring your session to your personality! Such a great post!

  3. Jackie says:

    Love these tips! They are so great. Often, couples show up feeling awkward and uncomfortable but I think you offer some great tools here to make the most of an engagement session!

  4. Valerie says:

    What a helpful guide for couples! And these photos are beautiful!

  5. Sienna says:

    YESSS all of this advice is so amazing and necessary! You want it to be a date vs a chore. Thanks for this!

  6. MCKENZIE says:

    Great tips! I think the last one is such a good reminder. Looking at your images, I would want to give you full creative freedom, because you would no doubt make MAGIC!

  7. Rachel says:

    Sometimes I find that people are more anxious about engagement sessions than weddings; these are super helpful tips!

  8. Mollie Adams says:

    This is such a helpful article for planning an engagement session! So helpful for couples and also I love your photos!

  9. Samantha says:

    This is SO helpful! Especially for your first time booking a session with a professional photographer. Also all the photos are so cute!

  10. These are such good tips!

  11. Justyna says:

    Such a great information for all getting engaged! Stunning work as well!

  12. Justyna says:

    These are incredible tips for those who are getting engaged!

  13. So many good tips here! But I’m SO STOKED to hear someone else preach that the photos will still be amazing regardless of weather. SO true!!

  14. Teresa Woodhull says:

    These are great tips! Love the one about not worrying about weather, such a great point. Thank you so much got sharing!!

  15. So helpful for planning an engagement session! Thank you for sharing this!

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