The getting ready portion of your wedding day is a special and intimate time that sets the tone for the rest of the celebration. Choosing the right location for your getting ready photos not only ensures a comfortable and stress-free day but also sets the stage for beautiful and memorable photographs. The ones you might not always immediately think of when wedding planning are the ones that help take you back to that specific moment in time. So if you’re looking for my best advice for choosing the right photos for your getting ready photos, keep reading, friend!

Renting an Airbnb

Airbnb offers a unique and personalized atmosphere for getting ready on your wedding day. Look for properties with ample natural light, spacious rooms, and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Maybe look for something that complements your wedding color palettes or that incorporates your favorite patterns, tones, and textures! Consider factors such as the number of guests, proximity to the ceremony or venue, and any additional amenities that might enhance your getting ready experience. By renting an Airbnb, you have the freedom to create a totally personalized environment that reflects your style and allows for those beautiful and candid moments to be captured.

Booking a Hotel Room

Did you know that some hotels provide dedicated spaces specifically designed for getting ready?! Not only are they so convenient, but add in the perks of additional space, and it suddenly becomes a dream wedding morning! When booking a hotel room, inquire about large suites or rooms with large windows and abundant natural light. We LOVE the natural light! Hotels with elegant interiors, stylish furniture, and comfortable amenities can enhance the overall aesthetics of your getting ready photographs. Think chic, luxury, and velvet couches. Yes, please! Additionally, the proximity to the ceremony or reception venue can streamline the day-of logistics, ensuring a smooth transition from getting ready to the ceremony and reception.

Utilizing the Wedding Venue 

If your wedding venue has dedicated getting ready spaces, take advantage of these areas! These were made especially with these moments in mind. Many venues offer charming rooms with ample natural light and attractive decor. Discuss with your venue coordinator the availability of well-lit spaces that can serve as the backdrop for your getting ready photographs. Stairs, hallways, balconies, and porches can be the perfect places! Using a space within the venue not only ensures convenience but also allows for a seamless day from getting ready to the ceremony, capturing your entire wedding day.

Considerations for Natural Light

Natural light is a photographer’s best friend! If you can’t tell by now, we LOVE a good natural light venue and space. When selecting a getting ready location, prioritize spaces with large windows or abundant sources of natural light. This soft and flattering light creates a beautiful glow and enhances the overall ambiance of your photographs. Rooms with neutral or light-colored walls and minimal clutter are a photographer’s dream!. Discuss lighting options and explore the venue or accommodation prior to booking to ensure that the space aligns with your vision.

Comfort and Convenience

While aesthetics and lighting are important, don’t forget about comfort and convenience! This is most important. Choose a getting ready location that provides ample space for you and your wedding party to move freely and prepare for the day. Ensure that the space offers comfortable seating, mirrors, and adequate outlets for hairstyling and makeup. Consider the proximity to the ceremony or venue, as minimizing travel time can alleviate stress and allow for more relaxed and enjoyable getting ready moments.

Making The Most Of Your Getting Ready Photos

Selecting the perfect getting ready location is a great way to create a seamless and memorable wedding day! It’s the perfect way to start your day on the right foot as you prepare to marry the love of your life. Whether you choose to rent an Airbnb, book a hotel room, or utilize a space within your venue, prioritizing natural light and your comfort is what matters most. Your wedding day should be something you’ll remember from the getting ready photos to your final exit! By carefully selecting the getting ready space, you are setting the stage for beautiful and meaningful photographs that capture the excitement, anticipation, and joy of your wedding day.

Choosing The Right Location For Your Getting Ready Photos on your wedding is important to get those fun memories of your groomsmen helping you get your suit on
Groomsmen helps groom get ready for Detroit Wedding Photographer
Groom sits ready for wedding day by Kayla Bouren Photography
Choosing The Right Location For Your Getting Ready Photos is important to get those beautiful memories of your bridesmaids helping you in your dress
Gorgeous bride puts on her wedding shoes for Kayla Bouren Photography
Beautiful woman gets in her wedding dress with help from family and friends for Detroit Wedding Photographer
Choosing The Right Location For Your Getting Ready Photos is important to achieve those stunning memories of you tying your wedding day shoes
Bride smiles big as she puts on her wedding shoes for Detroit Wedding Photographer
Stunning bride adjusts her wedding earrings for Kayla Bouren Photography

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