Karissa and Kevin scheduled an adventurous engagement session with me while I was visiting Oregon, and I honestly could not be more grateful for these two amazing humans. I started off the evening making a long, hour and a half trek through the mountains to Cannon Beach, Oregon. We decided to meet at Haystack Rock because it is a huge staple of the Oregon coast.

My very first interaction with them was telling them I was traveling in a white Ford Focus, when in fact I was driving a Black Ford Fiesta (*facepalm.*)

I was running on three hours of sleep, had just flown into Portland that morning, and had already driven one and a half hours to our location. So maybe I was a little delirious, or perhaps I just honestly had no idea what I was driving. They laughed it off and knew that I was probably just tired.

We started their session off with their casual outfits and their adorable puppy Luna. It was her first time at the beach and let me tell you; she loved it! Karissa and Kevin jumped right into it and were so amazing! I enjoyed working with them because they were so comfortable being themselves and didn’t care about looking silly while doing my goofy poses! After I got everything I needed for their casual outfits, I had them change into their formal outfits. Karissa did such a great job coordinating their outfits! They both looked amazing!

Call them crazy, but they even jumped into the water. We all were soaked knees down by the end of our session, but it was worth it one hundred percent!

After our session, they invited me to join them for dinner at a local brewery. I was debating on joining them, just because I knew that I had another hour and a half drive ahead of me. I chose the food, because who wouldn’t want to eat good food over driving? We talked about our dreams, travel, The Bachelor, and all of our other favorite tv shows. I had such a great time with them and walked away from our time together wishing that these two lived in Michigan so that I could hang out with them as much as possible!

They were kind enough to take me out to their favorite Portland restaurant and ice cream store the following day as well! Leaving them was so sad, mainly because I knew how exceptional they are. I have never met two strangers that were more caring, kind, funny, and thoughtful to a random girl with a camera. Karissa and Kevin, I am so glad I met you and am glad to be able to call you my besties from Portland. I cannot wait to reunite with you at your wedding. Visit Michigan asap!

If you want to see these two love birds, their insanely cute dog, and their fabulous outfits keep on scrolling! You won’t want to miss it!


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