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August 27, 2019

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Should I implement an unplugged ceremony? I get asked this question all the time, and my answer will forever and always be 1000x’s yes. It’s one of those details regarding your wedding day that often gets overlooked and to a lot of people doesn’t seem like a big deal. Before I go on to give you all the reasons why you should absolutely have an unplugged ceremony, let me explain the definition of an unplugged ceremony. An unplugged ceremony means that all electronics & devices are put away allowing you and your guests to enjoy the ceremony and live in the moment. In a society filled with endless technology and the desire to capture every waking moment on camera, we tend to lose focus on what really matters, experiencing a moment with our own eyes rather than through an iPhone camera.

bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony in front of hexagon alter and in a green house

An unplugged ceremony allows your photographer and videographer to be able to capture your ceremony perfectly, so don’t stress! 

Now, as a photographer myself, I understand the desire of guests wanting to capture fleeting moments. A wedding day is an event that is often most looked forward to, and making sure you capture every moment is important. That’s why it is important to hire a photographer that you love and trust. Trust me when I say your photographer has your back and wants nothing but the best photos of your day. One of the ways that you can help make sure that you have the best photos is asking parents and guests to silence and put away all cell phones and cameras for the duration of the ceremony. This allows the photographer and videographer to work seamlessly during your ceremony. Trust me, most photographer’s allow you to share your images with your friends and family, so remind your guests to wait for the professional images!

Your photos will be more beautiful because of the unplugged ceremony.

Most people don’t realize how much seeing a purple iPhone in a ceremony photo detracts from the beauty of the ceremony. It’s like taking a photo with a trash can in the background. The photo is not going to be as pretty if the trash can was removed. Same goes for cell phones, iPads, and cameras. All of those items will show up in your photos of your ceremony, and detract from the beauty of your space. The only thing that photographer’s want in life is to capture your day perfectly so that you can look back on the memories and be transported right back to your day.

wedding ceremony on beach

Guests might get in the way causing your photographer to miss an important moment.

It’s scary to think about, but unintentionally one of your guests might ruin an image due to the allowance of devices during your ceremony. I have heard countless horror stories of a photographer set up, ready to capture the moment that you begin to walk down the aisle and a guest steps in front of the photographer. This causing the photographer, videographer, or soon to be spouse to miss the beautiful moment of you walking down the aisle. Moments like these are fleeting. I promise you, you’re going to want the professional photo that allows you to relive your day rather than an iPhone pic from a friend.

We are professionals and know exactly how to work our equipment for every lighting scenario. Seriously, I know how hard it is to not pull out your iPhone and snap a quick photo. I do it too, but if everyone on your guest list does it during your ceremony it’s going to make it a lot more difficult for your photographer and videographer to capture your memories.

There will be more emotion and engagement if your guests are watching your ceremony with their eyes instead of their devices.

This is one component that is honestly overlooked most times. Watching your ceremony through an iPhone screen is going to cause your guests to be less engaged in your life long commitment to each other. Your ceremony is more than likely going to be filled with emotion, and you want the most important people in your life to feel and partake in that emotion with you. If the majority of your guests are recording or photographing your ceremony they are more likely to get distracted from what’s truly important, you and your spouse.

bride wiping groom's tears while saying his vows

Guests will have access to all professional images from your day.

One thing that I think guests fear the most is that they will have no access to the images from your day. To be fully transparent that is far from the truth. As a photographer, I love sharing my images with anyone and everyone who was apart of your day. Most photographers allow you as the client to share your images to social media, in fact, we highly encourage it as long as the images aren’t edited in any way! I always give my clients a guest link to their gallery so that they can share in the excitement with their friends and family! This way guests can sit back, relax, and not worry about having to capture your entire wedding through an iPhone camera! That’s what we are there for!

bride's mother giving a high five wedding guest after ceremony

How do I implement an unplugged ceremony?

Now you’re probably asking yourself what the best way to implement an unplugged ceremony! Don’t worry, I got you boo! The easiest and most cost effective way is to have your ceremony officiant announce BEFORE any one walks down the aisle that you request it to be an unplugged ceremony. Most often they will kindly say:

“The bride and groom kindly ask you to silence and put away all phones for the duration of the ceremony. They have hired a professional photographer to capture the ceremony, and photos will be available to each guest upon request. You are welcome, in fact, encouraged to take photos during the reception, but for the ceremony, they ask that all technology be put away so that you can be fully engaged in their ceremony.”

Super simple and straight forward! Another and or additional option is to create a sign for your ceremony! I have seen quite a few different options, but the most common one is writing it on a wood pallet and presenting it at the beginning of the aisle for all guests to see.

If you’re ballin on a budget or don’t want to DIY I highly recommend having your officiant announce it!

Most guests don’t realize that their purple iPhone case might be an eyesore. So kindly informing them of your request so that you can have only the best photos from your day! Always remember, your photos are an investment. They are the memories that will last a lifetime and will be cherished for generations to come! If you still need some convincing, check out this article from Huff Post! If you are still on the fence about booking a professional photographer, I got you! Check out this blog post to hear all the reason’s on why it’s important to invest in a professional wedding photographer! As always, your photographer’s and vendor’s are here to help, so just ask and we would love to help make your day as perfect as possible!

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